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Welcome to my web site. I am Iain Driver a fiction author who writes and enjoys many different types of fiction.
I live in the UK and have written under different pen names publishing short stories, essays, fan fiction and over the past few years. I am looking to do something a little different with this pen name and also start to write and release my own series of novels. For more on this please check out the ‘What do you want next?’ section of the site.

If you have found this site by accident, then please take a look around and feel free to check out anything that you like. Any questions, suggestions or requests then use the contact form and I will do my best to answer any query. If you see something you like, please sign up to the newsletter for a free book and try it with no risk to your pocket.


Choose my next series

I am currently working on a new series, several new series actually. To be honest I don’t know which one I want to work on first. So, I am writing a series of novellas. These shall be released over the next year or, so each will operate in a different genre. Each will serve as the starting point for a new series, introducing characters and themes. After they are all released I will open a vote as to which you want seen developed in to a series first. For more information on the upcoming books and worlds please see the What do you want? Vote page.p>

What I am doing

This is NOT a review section, but I will offer thoughts on some of the books, TV shows and Movies I am watching at the moment. As an avid reader and devourer of books as well as other media what I watch and read has an impact on what I write and produce. Here I will share my thoughts on elements of these shows and hopefully do so in a way that some of you will find interesting.